The Internet's Simplest Tutorial on Rendering an Excel Workbook with Spring

Brendan Benson

This dead-simple tutorial demonstrates how to render a Microsoft Excel file in Spring.

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  1. Add the following dependencies to build.gradle:


  2. Create a controller that returns the object you would like converted to xlsx format. In this case, we’d like to render a list of grades.

    public class GradesController {
                value = "/grades.xlsx",
                method = RequestMethod.GET,
                produces = "application/xlsx"
        public ModelAndView listGrades() {
            return new ModelAndView(
                    new GradesView(),
                            new Grade("Jimmy", "B+"),
                            new Grade("Kelly", "A-")
    public class Grade {
        private String name;
        private String grade;

  3. Create the GradesView class, which will take the list of grades and render them into a Workbook.

    class GradesView extends AbstractXlsxStreamingView {
        protected void buildExcelDocument(
                Map<String, Object> model,
                Workbook workbook,
                HttpServletRequest request,
                HttpServletResponse response
        ) throws Exception {
            List<Grade> grades = (List<Grade>) model.get("grades");
            Sheet sheet = workbook.createSheet("Grades");
            Row headerRow = sheet.createRow(0);
            int rowNum = 1;
            for (Grade grade : grades) {
                Row valueRow = sheet.createRow(rowNum);

And that’s it! Spring will automatically handle writing the modified Workbook to the response.

Browse the completed code on GitHub: SpringExcelWorkbookExample.

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